Day Porter
Complete Day Porter Services

"Our Day Porters are the most thorough and reliable you will ever encounter!"
Day Portering

  • Professional and thorough staff
  • Service with a personal hand touch
  • Recepticle emptying and liner replacement
  • Litter removal and cleaning
  • Hand sweep sidewalks and storefronts
  • Flyer/poster removal
  • Office Cleaning/Tennant Ready Clean

Park and Cart
provides Day Porter service to compliment our Parking Lot Sweeping services. Sweeping is completed at night while our Day Porters clean up areas and additional services during the day. We provide services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our day porters are without a doubt the most thorough and reliable you will ever encounter. Our business is making you look good and our day porter service makes this statement a reality with a personal touch. Any special requests are enthusiastically performed. Our business truly is making you look good!

For more information or to order this service please call 303-853-4705

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