Park & Cart Property Services

"Our business is making you look good! Since 1964."

Park & Cart Property Services is a Denver based company that specializes in all aspects of retail and commercial property services. In today's competitive marketplace, our clients rely on us to provide them with professional and reliable services to keep their retail locations desirable to their customers. Here are some of the services we provide to benfeit our clients:

Parking Lot Striping
If you are looking for just a touch up on your weathered parking lot paint, or an entirely new parking lot design; Park and Cart Property Services can fulfill all of your parking lot striping needs.

Parking Lot Sweeping
A filthy parking lot is simply unacceptable. It speaks poorly of your business and will steer customers to other locations. You can rely on our parking lot sweeping crews to clean up even the worst messes in your lots.

Pressure Washing
Our pressure washing services are great at tackling all of the grime and debris that a sweeper truck is not able to pick up. Pressure washing is also a great solution for keeping loading docks, sidewalks and shopping carts looking clean and attractive.

Shopping Cart Repair and Maintenance
Our shopping cart services include complete cleaning and sanitization of shopping carts, as well as, welding and other mechanical maintenance and repairs. We also sell used shopping carts.

Traffic Signs
Park And Cart Property Services is able to renew your weathered traffic signs, as well as, create an entirely new design to suit your desired flow of traffic.

Bollards protect your business and your customers. Over time bollards can deteriorate or become damaged. Park And Cart Property Services can rebuild or replace your bollards to keep your business looking professional and clean.

Concrete Products
We offer a wide variety of concrete products and services to our clients. Some of the products we deliver and install are wheel blocks, concrete benches, tables, trash recepticals, ash urns.

Park And Cart Property Services is fully equipped to handle any of your welding needs. We will weld, fabricate or repair anything for your property!

Pothole Repair
Potholes can cause serious problems to your customers and to their vehicles. Needless to say potholes are bad for your business. Park And Cart Property Services can repair potholes and keep your parking lot attractive to your customers.

Day Portering
Our day porter service offers that personal touch to keep your business property looking great. Our porters tend to your property and remove litter and other debris in the places our sweeper trucks are unable to reach.